Our Vision

Theater is the active realm of reflection and imagination. It provides a means of communicating ideas, large and small, for the playwright. It provides a space to explore, play, grow for the artists participating in it. It provides a pathway to understanding our humanity for all of us and is a key to empathy, for through performance, we are granted the opportunity to live in another world, inhabited by strangers for time.

We strive to be a catalyst for new, diverse and inclusive theater that challenges assumptions, stretches our perceptions and nurtures the creative in all of us. Our passion is to tell stories about how we live now and to engage audiences in an exchange of ideas that makes us think harder, laugh longer, feel more deeply.

New Commitment – New Company

In 2023, CHP will become part of a new company/collective/cooperative forming in Central Connecticut whose new purpose will be to serve theater makers, nurturers, writers, artists who are committed to collaboration and creating a network of support for creatives.