Alive Radio presents Paradise Lodge

ALIVE RADIO, under “the baobab tree” in Ninth Square downtown New Haven presents PARADISE LODGE : a terrifying comedy, spun off from the entrails of “Psycho” and “The Shining” : an everyday woman takes a leap of fate up an imaginary cliff to write the novel of her dreams. With her everyday husband and mentally-challenging teenage daughter in tow, she tows them off to a desolate mountain hideaway, her altering ego femme fatale by her side. A lunatic proprietor and his shape-shifting spawn turn her idyllic retreat into a nightmare of cosmic proportions!

Janet Leigh meets Jack Nicholson.

Norman Bates meets Shelley Duval.

Alfred Hitchcock meets Carrie’s underwear.

Freddy Kruger meets Stanley Kubrick.

Perry Como’s off­spring goes digital and the rivers of blood flood down from Uranus!

And it all takes place in PARADISE LODGE : a Halloween offering from ALIVE RADIO, under the baobab tree, Friday the Thirtieth of October at 8;00pm : 71 Orange Street, in beautiful Ninth Square downtown New Haven

Suggested donation $10 All proceeds to benefit ongoing productions of ALIVE­ RADIO : this radio is ALIVE : for information call 475.227.3581 : I’ll repeat that 475.227.3581 : and be aware nobody will be allowed to leave if they haven’t already arrived!!!

*** PARADISE LODGE is the premier project of ALIVE RADIO : a collaboration of baobab tree studios (in downtown Ninth Square New Haven) , Connecticut Heritage Theatre (artistic director, Teresa Langston) and local writer Steve Bellwood, to produce an on-going series of podcasts, You-Tube videos and “alive” (audience-invited) entertainments and documentations of the process. It will be followed up in November by a comedic spin on another classic movie : CASABLANQA, as part of a cinematic “take-out” series. Similar approach will later be taken to the works of Shakespeare and other canonized playwrights, including in March a “festival” spin on the Irish literary heritage. Our underlying aim is to gather a company of actors and an invested following to produce an original drama series set in New Haven, involving multiple characters and scenarios.

When: Friday, October 30, 2015 – 8:00pm

Where: Baobab Tree Studios, New Haven, CT