About Us

Connecticut Heritage Productions has been creating performance art for over three decades in Middletown, CT. We are proud of the work we do - probing, intelligent and touching work. Most of the shows we choose to produce, explore the human condition and excite dialog around a wide range of issues in our culture and time. Our future direction will be building an educational framework for artists, developmental workshops for new plays and experimentation with new, interactive productions.

About the Artistic Director

Through the years, Teresa Langston has performed, directed, taught, designed, and collaborated on stage and film. She brings years of professional entrepreneurial experience. She is currently serves on the boards of Connecticut Heritage Productions of Middletown, CT and AcrossRoads Center for the Arts of Waterbury, VT.

In recent years, she has focused on forming a personal discipline around acting and to that end, worked with a number of seasoned professionals learning the basics of ‘The Method’ as brought to the US by Strasbourg and later expanded on by Stella Adler and Sandy Meisner. Feeling constrained by the application of focused intellect; she discovered the teachings of Michael Chekhov and has spent the last few years focused on understanding and applying his inspiring technique based in intuition and imagination to the craft. A member of MICHA, Teresa has studied with Joanna Merlin, Jessica Cerullo, Lenard Petit, Ted Pugh, Fern Sloane and many others. She spent the summer of 2013 in London, studying with Graham Dixon of the Michael Chekhov London Studio.

Teresa has a deep appreciation of film and theater and has worked on many independent and student films as well as being a mentor to new directors for the stage. She has directed and produced a number of new plays, working in close collaboration with the authors. While in VT, she worked closely with the VT Playwrights developing TenFest (a festival of 10 – 10 minute plays) in the summer at the Valley Players in Waitsfield that has become a smashing success. She developed storyboards and screenplays for a short film called ‘The Red Flag’ that was screened at Sundance.

Our Board

CHP is governed by a dedicated group of individuals from across the spectrum of the community. We are always open to new ideas and talents to join the board to contribute their experience. If you are interested in serving on the board and helping us steer CHP well into the future, please contact us.

2015 Board

Teresa Langston - Artistic Director/President

Peter Loffredo - Founding Member/Ex-Officio

Kathleen Stalk - Treasurer

Dora Glinn

John Calderbank

Rose Morse

Deb Caswell - Secretary

Elizabeth Reynolds - Chair

Joe Milles


Our Vision

Theater is the active realm of reflection and imagination. It provides a means of communicating ideas, large and small, for the playwright. It provides a space to explore, play, grow for the artists participating in it. It provides a pathway to understanding our humanity for all of us and is a key to empathy, for through performance, we are granted the opportunity to live in another world, inhabited by strangers for time.

We strive to be a catalyst for new, diverse and inclusive theater that challenges assumptions, stretches our perceptions and nurtures the creative in all of us. Our passion is to tell stories about how we live now and to engage audiences in an exchange of ideas that makes us think harder, laugh longer, feel more.