2012 “Connecticut Stories on Stage” Third Annual Playwriting Competition

Connecticut Heritage Productions announces the third annual “Connecticut Stories on Stage” playwriting competition. The purpose of the competition is to foster and develop new works for the theater. Plays must be set in Connecticut and/or deal with a Connecticut-related topic or personality in the past, present, or future. No musicals will be accepted. Playwrights must be Connecticut residents or students attending school in Connecticut.

The top three finalists in all three categories will receive rewards as well as a staged reading at the annual “Connecticut Stories on Stage New Play Festival” which will take place in September/ October 2012.

Plays are accepted in three categories: ten-minute plays, one-acts, and full-lengths plays.

Each submission must be original, properly formatted, and generally meet the following length requirements: ten minute plays (10 minutes), one-acts (20-60 min.), full lengths (60+ min.) The playwright may submit up to one play in each category. Entries can be submitted electronically or they must be typed and securely bound with only the play’s title and the category for which it is intended appearing on the front page of the script.

To ensure impartial judging, the writer’s name and any identifying information should not appear anywhere on the script. Please include a brief cover letter, a one-page synopsis of the script, and a list of characters with a brief description of each. Legal clearance of all materials not in the public domain will be the sole responsibility of the playwright.

If the play is an adaptation of another author’s work, the playwright must submit a permission letter from the other author showing that the playwright has permission to adapt his or her work. The playwright must also acknowledge the original author on the title page of the play. All of the above requirements must be met with all scripts whether submitted electronically or by mail.

In the event of any subsequent production or publication of the winning manuscripts (or versions thereof), and as one of the stipulations of the award, the author agrees to indicate in a footnote or in the playbill that the script was named winner of the “Connecticut Stories on Stage” competition and, if applicable, that the play was read or produced at the annual “Connecticut Stories on Stage New Play Festival.” Connecticut Heritage Productions reserves the right to use the name of the play and the author's name and image in all publicity and promotions.

The deadline for play submissions will be June 1, 2012. At that time all plays must be received or, if mailed, postmarked no later than June 1 in order to be considered for the prize. Plays must not have had previous professional (Equity) productions. Plays that have had workshops, readings, or showcase productions as defined by Actors Equity rules are eligible.

Connecticut Heritage Productions reserves the right to accept or reject any play submitted. Connecticut Heritage Productions reserves the right to declare no winner. Decisions of the judges are final.

An official entry blank or a copy of such must accompany each script. If the script is to be returned, it must be accompanied by an appropriate envelope, self-addressed with return postage. Winners will be announced no later than September 1, 2012.


For more information please contact


Peter Loffredo, Artistic Director


(860) 347-7771